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Cold Water Finesse Tactics with the “FLOAT & FLY” Bob Sirois 1754
NEKF Striper Shootout VIII Recap Hammerhead 5380
Spiral Wrapped Rods--No longer a skeptic! slappy 12557
Big Plastics for Big Bass slappy 10748
Kids on the Water Hammerhead 4192
Deep Water Re-entry Hammerhead 4830
Live Mackerel for Daytime Cows calm seas big fish 13642
Yak Fishing for Lakers Slappy 7824
Live Eels and Kayaks at Night: How to Nail the Big Girls! Dr NEKF 8151
Red Plastics = Sea Worms Slappy 7034
The Essence of Kayak Fishing GRH 7438
Kayak Fishing With the Tube and Worm The Riddler 8339
Trolling Eels The Riddler 6436
Using lead Core Line in Kayak Fishing The Riddler 6997
Fly Fishing From the Kayak Lefty 6108
Kayak FIshing Safety Gumbo 6864
The Slug-Go Addiction Slappy 10253
Choosing a Fishing Kayak Mark 6397
Saltwater Solutions The Riddler 5177
Beginning Fly Tying Lefty 4880
Baitcasting Reels and Kayak Fishing Rubbereel 9699
Ray's Fly: How to Tie. Plugman 6777
Think Safety: Personal Flotation Device (PFD) The Riddler 6593
Think Safety: Paddle Clothing The Riddler 50723
Think Safety: Lower Back Pain and Kayaking or “Yak Back” Dr. NEKF 36655
Sick Striper? Mycobacteriosis? What You Should Know. Dr. NEKF 10325
Kayak Fishing New England For Striped Bass The RIddler 22413
Shoulder Pain and Kayakfishing Dr. NEKF 6799
''Stick To The Plan'' Fly Angling Tournament Success Lefty 4705
VHF Radios for the Kayaker capestriper 7279
Striped Bass, Anatomy, and Fishing Dr. NEKF 21716
Off-Season Fishing? There is no Off-Season! Slappy 5726
Shallow Water With the Golden Ghost Haden Hussey 4916
Targeting Largemouth Bass From Your Kayak Medburd 15414
Splasher and Feather an Albie and Bonito Killer Slappy 20234

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