If your looking for a method for catching big fish at night from the yak take a look at trolling eels. Included are a couple of pictures displaying the power of a trolled eel.

I use a stiff rod 1-6oz and conventional reel (penn 535 6:1) and power pro 50lbs. I slide a 1/4 oz egg weight on main line and then tie main line to the large Sampo ball bearing swivel. I then use 50lb mono or flouro leader the length of the rod on the other end of swivel. Leader lengths are usually around 7 feet . This leader length is important around rocks and Bass can find the rocks in the shallows when they run. I use 7/0 regular gamagatsu J hooks on the end of the leader.

I let out as much line as possible but usually ends up 30-50 yards behind yak. Your trolling speed should be a crawl or if possible a drift. Just enough to take up slack and allow the kayak to have movement. I troll with rod holder up front to watch the action. I troll in areas loaded with structure, especially lobster beds, crab beds, boulder fields, mussels beds etc. The fish finder realy helps with this. I leave my drag tight but not tight enough to have a break off. When you are trolling, and watching your rod up front you will see it bounce up and down and then stop, continue your speed and put on your seat belt. That bass will come back and take it so hard it will be incredible. Wait for the bass to run and count to three. Grab your rod and lay a heavy set and keep your rod high, you will be on. Some oldtimers say when they troll eels and see the rod dancing up and down the bass just whacked it with it's tail and then comes back for it. As of August of 2005 I was able to witness this and have a pic. Next to the tube and worm for the daytime this is a solid method of catching jumbo bass during the nightime. The darker the night the better the action. New moon weeks are peak for me for big bass in quantity.

I hope you nail a 50lber plus....I know we have that chance while trolling eels at night. For a $1 or $1.50 from most bait shops this is well worth it. This is a great way to get away from smaller bass and get into the lunkers. Bluefish are our enemy when trolling eels. When the big bass are present be prepared to have a dozen eels ready and have fun. Peak times last year for trolling eels was July-September. Eels migrate during this time and bass are ready.

Having a soft cooler and ice pack, will help keep eels manageable. Most important for me is having a green scrubby that are used for dishwashing to handle eels.

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