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By joining New England Kayak Fishing, you are agreeing to abide by the following rules. Users who violate these rules can and will be removed from the site.

Commercial Posts: NEKF does not allow commercial posts by non-sponsors. If you want to promote your business on NEKF, you may be able to be a site sponsor. A limited number of site sponsorships are available. Posting links to your commercial site or to a site where you have a commercial or financial interest is prohibited.

It is ok to post about great deals that you found, products and stores that you like, or your favorite kayaks and kayaking products. Paid advertisers are allowed to post about sales or special promotions.

This site is about sharing information, not about making money for members. If you are uncertain about whether a post crosses the line, don’t make the post, PM the moderator and ask before posting.

Posting Etiquette: NEKF expects all members to contribute to the forums in a positive manner—name calling, flaming, or baiting other posters will not be allowed. The NEKF community is extremely diverse and with so many different personalities on the site, we understand that members will not always see eye to eye. Differences of opinion are fine, but disruptive and negative posting will not be tolerated.

It is easy to misunderstand the intent of a post, the written word does not have the inflection or voice that tells us when someone is kidding. If you are offended by a post, PM a moderator.

Long time friends usually have fun with light hearted ribbing. These posts can appear to be personal attacks, but before you add your comments, make sure that you understand the context. If a post is inappropriate, notify a moderator or administrator.

Posting Fishing Reports: When posting reports in the Let’s Hear Em forum, it is suggested that general information regarding location be used rather than providing the exact location fished. There have been instances of parking problems, overcrowding and rumors of nighttime ramp closures due to excessive noise. If you obtain specific location information from a report in this forum and visit that location please use care and have respect for not only the location but for the individual reporter who was gracious enough to share his or her “honey-hole” with the rest of us. Remember that more specific information can always be requested through the PM feature.

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